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Go ahead and smile, gorgeous.

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31st August 2005

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6:38pm: IF you feel as though you're always stranded on the shore...
omg! i havent posted in awhile...thats b/c I'm getting a new layout soon....
so anyways, had fun at school today I guess

goin up north tomorrow with Shannon

love ya*

...like a thief in the night, let me steal ur heart away...
Current Mood: artistic

23rd August 2005

3:36pm: First day of Regina
yes, first day of Regina today!
its pretty good! I like it...
met a whole bunch of new ppl--Tori Madek is my favoritest new friend! lol!! ilu!

love ya*
Current Mood: lol

22nd August 2005

12:34pm: todayy
went to the book sale at Regina today...
bought all my stuff

I met some new ppl...

school starts tomorrow

love ya*
Current Mood: excited

21st August 2005

11:53pm: Today-went to 12 mass with the HOlsbekes, met my mom there.
went to Wendys and a few stores for notebooks for school.
went to ORientation! Here is my schedule--
1.Honors Physical Science (Volpe)
2.Gym (Laffey)
3.Spanish 1 (Bucci)
4.Honors English9/Comp.(Gagnier)
5.Honors Algebra1 (Tarpley)
6.UndCahtolic Faith (Forys)
7.Honors World History (Portnova)

cant wait til Tuesday

then went over to see Julia cuz she is now home...

love ya*

i wanna come first//*
Current Mood: idk-i just like this face

20th August 2005

11:29pm: Today...got this awesome new Paris Hilton layout!! I love it!! ANyways...
went to the golf outing for thecla today...just drove around in golf carts all day w/ Shannon! haha and then helped out the two hotties John n John who worked there..
came back to Shannons...hung out and then she made me do this exercise video...i dont like to exercise lol

love ya*

I'm the queen//*
Current Mood: with shannon is always crazy..

19th August 2005

6:47pm: heyy
yesterday-mall with Shannnon,back to Shannons, hung out, Joey came over and we watched Wedding Crashers
Today-hung out pretty much

Only 4 days left!! Regina on Tuesday!

love ya*

Oh no no no baby, Oh no no no DOn't Lie//*
Current Mood: bored

18th August 2005

10:27am: Yesterday, went to the Kelly Clarkson concert with Shannon
had fun...it was an ok concert, i've been to much better--saw lots of ppl there--Erin,Ally, Ang,Courtney n Alyssa....
Today I am going to the mall with Shannnon so...I'll write more later

love ya*
Current Mood: chipper

17th August 2005

10:10am: Heyy everyone!
Well, today is alright so far.
Yesterday I went out to eat.
Then to a few stores to get some stuff.
Then home.
Shannon came over and we watched the TeenChoice Awards cuz the GOttis and Jesse McCartney were on there!
watched the Thecla DVD and it was sooooo sad :( lol all those old pics of everyone....
watched some movies.
now i am here!

tonight is the Kelly Clarkson concert w/ SHannon..gonna have fun


"Oh I won a Dicky, what is a Dicky? This will come in handy. it even comes with a leash-the whole package"
"okay...walk away"
*Jesse walks*
"oh nO! come back Jesse!"
Current Mood: calm

14th August 2005

11:28pm: okay, back from an awesome weekend with Jessica! I love that girl...anyways, had lots of fun tubing and throwing people off the jetski *JESSICA* and did cool stuff like that...I also got a pretty birthday present because I was there for the backus birthday party and im pretty much family so i got a presents too! loL! they're awesome! i love those ppl! lol

goin off to bed...more tomorrow

I'm really trying to get all my pics online but...its a slow process lol

love ya*

i love comments,they're hott

these words are my own-I love you//*
Current Mood: sleepy

11th August 2005

6:18pm: YESSS Laguna layout lol! This is my new layout for probably not too long...but its better than the other one i had...i hated it haha!!

love ya*

7th August 2005

2:42pm: Alright everyone, I've pretty much changed this layout to my satisfaction, I guess. I'm working on getting all my pictures up n running soo...that link wont work for probably another week

Last night...
partied...till wayy too late haha!! lul gurlies!

love ya*
Current Mood: amused
12:34pm: Nick
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in that way!! Give your love to them, as in
your heart. Sicko...

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6th August 2005

2:11pm: okay, yes, this layout is sucky im sorry, Im on my way out so I cant fix it right at the moment, I will tomorrow or asap...I should probably like put up a hiatus sign or something but i dont have time....

so just wait, okay?

Love ya*

You got me twisted in Love//*
Current Mood: busy

3rd August 2005

9:34am: Okay, so I guess I havent updated in a few days...
I'm back from New Jersey and really tan. haha. yea, its good to be home. Tuesday I went to the mall with Shannon and then went out to Target and Staples to get some stuff and then went to eat.
Tonight I am going to the Backstreet Boys concert. yea, ya still gotta love 'em. haha! i'm goin with Shannon tonight.
Today, like in a lil bit,Kelly n Bri are coming over cuz i love them sooooo much and we're gonna have a pool party at my housee :).

love ya*

That was then, This is now. Took some time to figure out -Love is all you need//*
Current Mood: anxious

31st July 2005

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30th July 2005

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Current Mood: chipper

29th July 2005

3:12pm: Okay today is another sunny(?) day in New Jersey, it's actually kinda cloudy, but that's okay. Well, we've had lots of fun going to the amusement park n stuff here and today was just kinda a not-so-busy day so far.
Today I--
*babysat for Drew and Kyle b/c Julia's at a wedding
*came back to the apartment and ate
*called to check in with my mother and ended up talking to Danny and Mikey because I guess they were at my house
*now im just gonna hang out
*at 5, i'm gonna go work at the resturaunt nd help hostess and stuff because Julia n Frankie are at a wedding and wont be back until around 1...so that's pretty much it

yea, now im just gonna like take a nap or something until i have to go help downstairs.

love ya*

btw--I hope u like my new Journal! i kinda changed it a bit, but i got it from a community I'm in.
Please leave me COMMENTS! because u love me soooo much! ((juss click on the button in the bottom right hand corner of each entry))

I don't wanna be lonely no more//*
Current Mood: tired

26th July 2005

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comment plz!!<3
Current Mood: awake
11:45am: Okay, so, I havent updated for like a week because I'm in New Jersey and this computer is kinda slow and i havent been home alot. BUt, right now Julia is out babysitting and im taking the morning off to sit here and catch up with everyone online loL! So, New Jersey is fun-- some highlights so far--*
*yea...too many to write haha!!

well, I'll update again when i get home or hopefully later this week...so yea. Call me...or ask for my cell number if u want it!

love ya*

Life is a party
that starts when u arrive//*
Current Mood: lalalaala--not much of a mood

21st July 2005

11:08am: Today is a day full of packing! yay! lol! Tomorrow I'm leaving for Jersey to stay until the 1st with Ju's family and their nice resturaunt there. So, i probably wont update until I get back or at least not a lot. Today I'm packing and then I have hip-hop class with Caiti B. and then the plane leaves at 7:30 tomorrow morning but we gotta like get there at like 6 or something so we gotta wake up very early!

love ya*

Forgiveness a sweet kiss is all i need from you
So hold me cuz only you can pull me through
I'm fighting.. im crying calling out your name
I want to live a life that shows a change
Where do you go when you've gone to far
You open up your arms
I want to believe that love has the heart to

Take me home
Current Mood: busy

19th July 2005

5:51pm: Okay, just before this like 2 minutes ago, I posted a long summary of Springhill, so if you want, you can look at it...and comment plz :-)
Sunday- went to the Avril Lavigne concert! had soooooo much fun! Butch Walker started singing Kelly Clarkson onstage..he was high!!I'm definetly serious.
Yesterday- went over Kristin's and swam then dyed our hair HOT MAHOGONY! yess. Then, went to LAkeside and bought the cutest bathing suits in the whole wide world and then we were escorted out of there! THen, went to Kohl's and Kristin got some stuff there, then went to Coney Island...there were gang beaters outside there! :-0!! Then we came back and spent the night at my house
Today- Kristin and I wore our new bathing suits and tanned...then Julia came over cuz she's home from New Jersey and then she left and Kristin just left, also.

**Angels, let me hear you sing that song**

love ya*
Current Mood: bouncy
5:44pm: springhill-take all of the worries in my heart, and throw them all away

getting tattoos at the blob was fun from Rob. being the blue angels was GREAT. standing club and focus concerts everyday were inspiring. being the FIRST TEAM TO WIN THE SPIRIT STICK was outstanding. Drip- WhAT?!Melissa-"do that to me" katie thinking drip was her real name. crud wars.jen and melissa sisters. telling scary stories about ghosts. MAN BEATERS. going to rose lake and getting the rope stuck in the propeller. our peace treaty with the tiger battalions. Hanging out with UNUSUAL MIX at 11:30 at night....past bedtime! :-0((had mucho fun with u guys!))finding the beatles in our cabin. cleaning the bathroom. all of the many cheers. being a STRIPE. having an ice war with the guys yes, i sadly started it. drip wearing a skirt!! sneaking into the dining hall for drinks w/ Paige n Sarah. making 40 signs and posting them all round camp saying "the blue angels love you!!" talking to the golf boys on the bus back from rose lake. "let me see your golfer, whats that u say. i said FOUR!"<--yes, I'm stupid, I know. having the official wedding on the last night. there aint no flys on us game and being accused of cheating. leaving early and taking pictures with the band.


^^ Thanks Paige for pretty much letting me steal this summary! haha! lyb!

Love ya*
Current Mood: awake

17th July 2005

5:27pm: Okay, I just got back from like a verrrrrrrrrrryyyy long time away! 10days! Now i'm home...and on my way to the Avril Lavigne concert, but as I'm waiting i'm gonna write about my fun time away~~ :)

8th of July- went up to Shannon's Harbor Springs condo and then went to the waterpark in Mackinaw City
9th - went rafting with Shannon on the Indian River...totally crazy
10th-first day of **Springhill* had sooooooo much fun!!!! ate dinner, played games, went to club, had bonfire
11th-14th--a lot happened during this period of time at camp haha! Umm....met all my lovely girlies (Jodi, Katie, Hadley, Jori, Sarah....yes, the list goes on. Also, I met some boys during this time- Ryan, Anthony, Kyle, Paul...yes, the list goes on) I went tubing (kinda hurt like my eye) went....on lots of stuff yea.... Wednesday night after campfire I was the last one walking back with my counselor Drip and my friend, Sarah, and we passed a cabin by ours and my couselor was like "that's where the band stays" so then I was like running by the windows yelling "dum dum dum" with my flashlight lol! They had their music loud so they didnt really hear me, so I went and laid in their hammock and my counselor went to the door. She was like " Can I use your hammmock?" and their like "Welcome to the band's cabin! but u cant come in because we're all naked. Sure u can use the hammock, its not ours so we dont care." Then they like all started coming out and were talking to the 3 of us and we sat out there talking to them for over an hour and a half!! Then it was like an hour past curfew so we had to say good-bye. The next day (Thursday) at club, they were like we have some people we wanna say hi to! THen they said my name! I didnt even tell them to it was crazy!!
15th- got Unusual Mix's picture and autograph and went up north on my way home from camp
16th- spent the day in Harbor Springs with my cousins Lauren, SHane, Shannon, and Dominic
17th- today-- I just got home and now i'm getting ready to go to the Avril concert!

I'm going to update all my pictures tomorrow... then I'll put the link in here!

pleassseee comment!


take my burdens, take my burdens
take them all away
take all of the worries of my heart
and throw them all away
Current Mood: energetic

6th July 2005

4:12pm: Hung out with Lizzy today and yesterday...I leave for camp tomorrow, I'm very excited!!

changed my user pic! you like??

please comment!!!

love ya*


//I just want you to know that I’ve been fighting to let you go//
/Some days I’ll make it through, and then there’s nights that never end/
Current Mood: happy
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